Campaign Update

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Greetings from the Campaign Trail. My run for Greenville City Council, District 3, is going very well, with lots of good wishes and support throughout the district. It has been such a great pleasure to meet so many of my neighbors in the district.

In many conversations with you, we have talked about large issues such as crime and economic growth, as well as smaller matters such as parking, garbage and overgrown lots. Each of these topics is important.

Indeed, city government has more of an effect on our daily lives than any other level of government. It is your City Council that makes decisions with often immediate, and personal, effects — what is built beside your home, what happens with your garbage and recycling, how your property taxes are spent.

That’s what motivates me to run, and I hope, to serve. It is very important to have reasonable, level-minded and impartial leadership. I am forward thinking, but I also know some of our old, Eastern North Carolina ways are good ones. Honesty, hard work and integrity are our hallmarks.

I invite you to get in touch with my by email or phone if you have any questions about me or the issues.

From the campaign trail 2009

PS – I have just learned from my email-pal, filmmaker Curt Worden, that his delightful film about Jack Kerouac, “One Fast Move or I’m Gone,” has been picked up by Atlantic Records for distribution. It will be screened in several U.S. theaters starting October 20.

This film is a very sensitive look at those nightmarish days Kerouac spent at Big Sur, so artfully captured in his novel of the same name. If you have read and enjoyed Kerouac, this book is an insightful self-examination — showing how success and fame, poisoned by alcohol, can eat away at even the greatest talent.


Justice, a la Francais

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Hello out there in Fiction Dailyland! The campaign for Greenville, N.C. City Council is ticking along with an eye on the Nov. 3 election day. There’s so much to do, everyday, from taking photos, to updating the Web, to writing letters and planning events. Taking care of these details everyday, while still writing the articles I am so fortunate to have been commissioned for, has become a more-than full-time job. It’s a wonderful thing to be busy, though sometimes I’d like to sit on the couch and watch reruns of Dr. House.

Today, though, a blog post I couldn’t resist.

As regular FD readers know, the page-a-day calendar “Forgotten English” published by Jeffrey Kacirk has given this blog many hilarious points of departure.

Today, “bed of justice.”

This expression comes from the French, “lit de justice,” and refers to the throne used by the King of France, when he attended meetings of parliament. As you remember, since the king had final authority over the parliament, this chair, in the end, signified the seat of power.

The last “bed of justice,” however, occurred on this day in 1788. That’s when our doomed Louis XVI, husband of our chere Marie Antoinette, assembled his parliament with the goal of solidifying his own power — and adding more tax burden on the poor. The idea was seconded by the Assembly of Notables (who may have later become known as the Assembly of Headless.)

In any event, it’s believed this idea of taxing the poor, yet again, gave rise to revolutionary sentiment.

You might say that the king made his bed, and had to lie in it.

Fiction Daily returns in November, and occasionally before then.


Mid-June News

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A brief hello from Fiction Dailyland, where I am putting together a large article, working on a Web site and managing to get by in these uncertain economic times.

The article I worked on for many months, describing the earliest discovered European settlement in the Southeast (spoiler alert: it was Spanish!) has appeared in Archaeology Magazine. My hat is tipped to the fine editor I worked with, whose drive for a better article pushed me to a new level. My husband took the photos during our site visit last year.

You can find part of the article here, and the full article in the July/August issue of the magazine.

Meanwhile my campaign for Greenville City Council is chugging along. Met with my treasurer yesterday and she has taken the ball and is running with it. That’s one of the most important volunteer needs for a campaign, so it is a gift to have her on board.

Filing opens July 6 at 8 a.m. and Yours Truly will be there. Bright and early.

Meanwhile, in really really big news, I bought a new bird feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited. It’s awesome! Made from 37 recycled milk jugs, it has a lifetime warranty. It’s quite sturdy and the birds love it. If they can ever get away from the squirrels, that is. Yep, one squirrel just parked himself on the feeder last week until he emptied out all the seed. That must have been a half pound or more. (Must buy a baffle.)

The feeder was an investment, as it cost more than your average feeder. I purchased it during a moment of clarity when I reminded myself that
— I wanted to support local businesses, and Wild Birds Unlimited is a locally-owned franchise. Thanks Debbie!
— I needed more than “lip service” about recycling. Buying recycled items is as important as tossing plastic in the bin
— I believe in “Made in the USA.” The feeder components are all U.S. made, though I’m not sure where the feeder was assembled.

Meanwhile, I hear Mr. Blue singing a lot lately, so I imagine he must be ready to raise more babies with his wife. I’ll keep you posted. Happy week from all of us here at Fiction Daily!


Campaign Update

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A bit tired today after many appointments yesterday, and a Town Hall meeting with two councilmembers and their voters last night. Even though it was not my district, I know that a council representative must understand the entire city’s needs. There is one pie, one city and making decisions has to take all things into consideration.

This morning appointments, and a big feature project that I’ve been too scattered to focus on.

I wanted to post an update about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is in the Scandinavian countries.