The Blog Returns

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Now that I sense some economic security with a job that I love, I feel comfortable enough to resume this blog. So it’s good to see you, writers, readers, and the idle curious!

This weekend we celebrate the Fourth of July. We are a nation in crisis in many ways, but combined with my own two years of anxiety, this time has forced all the nervousness and fear I’ve felt into an explosion of writing.

As such, I plan to finish the first draft of my novel, working title “Shift,” this weekend. I have three readers lined up to help me get it into good shape and then I will seek a publisher.

“Shift” is the first of what I imagine as a series. I have the first three books already taking shape in my mind, with the second one “in progress” mentally. The second trilogy is also taking shape.

How to describe these books? Without sharing too much, they take place in a dystopian not-so-future, where animals are known as “pre-foods” and imprisoned in terrifying compounds known as “stadia.”

The narrator is trying to make her way in this morally ambiguous world, where she just wants the means to keep her house and not live in her car.

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