The work life-life’s work balance

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I’ve written about the difficulty of writing and having any other type of activities in a day. Another aspect of writing, perhaps less known, is the mental disappearance that can happen.

When we sit down to write, we willingly break with the so-called “real” world, that is, the world that appears solid to us. The world we can touch, smell, hear, see. The world that has bills, meetings, and schedules.

To write means to cut ties with this world, and have the mind entirely free of any other thought. That’s self-evident.

What many people don’t know – including writers, that is, until we’re neck deep into a novel or story – is that writing also requires a break with another world, the world of our own mind. The world of our own sanity. The world where we are in charge, and events happen in someone predictable, or logical ways.

When we let go to submerse ourselves in writing, the break required to really create shifts our inner identity off its base, then shatters the base, and leaves us hanging.

When we are hanging in that way, adrift, maybe terrified, that we find art.

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  1. Gene-o said,

    January 28, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    I’m struck by the language you use to describe the act of writing fiction and how it parallels the language I use to describe the act of reading fiction. With a good book, we submerge ourselves into the author’s world and everything else around us disappears. Think about when a story has held you absolutely riveted … hours pass in an instant, phone calls and texts go unheeded, the very furniture in the room disappears. What a thrilling experience as a reader; I can only imagine experiencing that as a writer. In also has parallels with running, for people into that kind of activity 🙂