A Word Before Leaving…

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A few words before leaving … I am going out of town today to see my niece who turned 5 years old this week … but wanted to note a few items related to yesterday’s Tech Thursday.

First, in a move that is shocking … shocking … because it should never have been needed, Apple apologized for approving the Baby Shaker application.

Just to be clear, the application was not created by Apple, only approved by it. The app (some call it “game”) was created by Sikalosoft which has said nothing about the public outcry. Bad company. Should be shaken until its eyes turn into red Xs.

Next is word that Microsoft posted the first-ever decline in its quarterly profit … from $4.39 billion to $2.98 billion.

Now before we get out the hankies, let’s remember … this is Microsoft (boo, jeers) … but after all, it’s a giant American company, built in the old-fashioned way … with a combination of brilliance and thievery … and therefore deserves our, at least hedging, support. I don’t want to see MS sink anymore than I want the president to fail … (wait a minute, who would want the president to fail? Oh yes, Rush Limbaugh).

Meanwhile, the greedy people keep filing lawsuits against us hoi polloi. This lawsuit, being judged by the man who took down Napster, claims DVDs copying software should be banned. Hello? If I own it, I should be able to copy it.

Last, in a somewhat sad note of apathy, Facebook users failed to respond to a request to vote on the new terms of usage. After the big brouhaha over the new terms earlier this year, only about 1 million showed up to vote on the new ones. That’s from the 200 million who use it every day.

That would be me. But I didn’t vote. I’ll let someone else figure out if it’s worth getting my karma in a wad, then vote. For freedom of speech, freedom of choice.

But first I have to harvest the potatoes and wheat on myFarm.


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