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Strange news for Apple users today. In two unexpected chinks in the company’s otherwise impervious armor we have a report of a virus that’s targeting Apple operating systems.

So far, the hack only targets people trying to download pirated Mac software (and some may say therefore, they deserve it). But as an open-source gal, I believe if you can find a pirated version and are willing to work under the radar, you deserve to get away with it. Still, these are the breaks when you choose lawlessness.

For Mac users, who generally have a certain smugness us PC-ers find unnerving, it’s a dark time. They’re used to being the skateboarders and surfers of the computer world — the creative types who make their own rules because they *just that good.*

So for us plodding PC-ers out here, we’re feeling a little less, well, plodding now that Mac has gotten a little mud on their shoes. (It brings to mind Harrison Bergeron, a short story by Kurt Vonnegut set in a future, when dancers are required to put stones in their costumes to make everyone equal.)

In more Apple news, a rare misstep. Someone thought it would be funny to create an app, or application, for iPhones called “Baby Shaker.” The phone would make noise that sounded like a baby crying. The way to stop it? Shake the phone. As a result, an image of a baby with red Xs over its eyes appears. The game’s tag line? “See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!”

Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Whoever developed that app should be, well, shaken until red Xs appear over their eyes.

Fortunately, Apple has dropped the app. Should be sent to the corner and taunted for the rest of the day for this one.

As for me, the news in PC land is that in an unexplainable phenomena, updated drivers just tend to fail. Perhaps in an upcoming Tech Thursday we can look at why, oh why, these updated drivers fail, fail, fail.

Many apologies for the absence of Figuratively Speaking Friday tomorrow. I’ll be out of town visiting my niece.

Fiction Daily returns next week … when Kieslowski Week resumes

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