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We here at Fiction Daily apologize for iterrupting Kieslowski week. In recognition of the new Pulitzer Prizes, we feel it’s only fitting to spend a few words in honor of W.S. Merwin, who yesterday received his SECOND one.

I admit I am unfamiliar with his works. But as a rule, whenever a writer has a Pulitzer, he or she becomes a no-questions-asked selection. That was how I found “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck.

It’s worth having a look at the entire list of winners this year. It’s notable that many of them are related to uncovering abuses perpetuated under the Bush administration.(We can hope for more light and corrections in years to come.)

Modern Library also has a valuable list of its 100 Best Novels. “Under the Volcano,” by Malcolm Lowry is number 11, and that’s how I found this quirky, but deeply rewarding novel. Hang with it for as many pages as you can stand … worth the ride, but difficult.

But back to the poet Merwin. If you haven’t read his works, you can probably bank on an outstanding reading experience. Dip your toes in online here … but be sure to visit your local independent book seller and buy copies for yourself.

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