Posted in Life in general at 6:05 am by Marion

A quick post this morning before leaving for an out of town meeting. The spring rains have continued and it’s so good to see them after last summer’s drought. The grass will take some work, however, as the plush centipede has been overrun by clover, chickweed and dandelions that took hold once the grass was weak. Not to mention the other clover that seems to be everywhere else … along with other green things that are crawling all over my gardens and backyard like something from a science fiction film.

This weekend I hope to take a day or so to get outside and work in the dirt, pulling up the unwanteds and giving my flowers room to grow, multiply and seed. The Chinese forget-me-nots are about to peak and their seeds need places to land; likewise, the daylilies will need clear beds to shine when they start opening.

So the rain is a gift, like the flowers and even the weeds it brings.

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