SF Tech: In Dreams

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Since we’re talking about Science Fiction, today FD looks at fictional technology. Why not?

I’m sure there are infinite specific examples, and there may certainly be time in the days ahead to examine specific SF tech. But let’s start with the big picture — the philosophy if you will, of SF tech.

Here are the keys to Science Fiction tech:

Time Travel
Travel at Light Speed
Instant Transportation, or Teleportation
Telekinesis, or moving objects from a distance
Telepathy, the ability to communicate without speaking
Regeneration, the ability to heal spontaneously
Anti-gravity devices

As a starting point, let’s look at what these fantastic means say about us.

Time Travel. Indeed, wouldn’t it be nice. We could go back and undo our mistakes, see all the people we miss so profoundly. What’s more, we could go back in history, out of human curiosity, to see figures like Christ, Martin Luther, Julius Caesar, even, as in Dr. Who, Shakespeare. Not to mention going into the future. For better or worse.

Travel at Light Speed. It’s the only way we could ever get out of our solar system.

Instant Teleportation. Now who wouldn’t like to be there right now?

Telekinesis. Moving objects without touching them gives us power.

Telepathy. How else will we communicate with aliens?

Regeneration. The long-held human dream of being able to heal even severe wounds, instantly. Dr. McCoy, we hear you!

Anit-gravity Devices. How else can we travel and escape large planets?

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TOMORROW: Figuratively Speaking Friday looks at SF language.

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