Capital Offense

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It’s Friday again and time to take a look at language. Or something.

These days, I am a “friend” on Facebook. Not only am I friendly with FB, but I am downright hooked.

Now many people will say, Just what the world needs. Another way to goof off. And I agree.

Sure there are many ways to justify it. Such as
— I work alone and it’s only fair that I have a sense of camaraderie with others during the work day
— FB allows me to express my creativity
— We all need breaks from work
— I don’t really spend that much time on FB
— It’s great keeping up with my friends

This is rot.

I rarely need a break, since I’m quite good at taking time off during the day. Usually to snack.

As for keeping up with friends, well, I’m actually a hermit.

No, Facebook is just like any other diversion. Unnecessary distraction from something difficult. Mea culpa.

(Marion, you ask, why are you going on about Facebook so today … wouldn’t it have been a more fitting topic for yesterday’s Tech Thursday? Which, by the way, you failed to post ….)

Back to Facebook and language, then.

I am finding myself somehow tossing aside some language guidelines that I’ve always embraced, clung to, even relied on for sanity. Such as capital letters.

Lately, I’m finding myself writing email messages without them … just saying what i have to say and not worrying about dressing up my words in their formal attire. not worried about being judged. free

This trend has sometimes given me shivers, as I look at my words. I am reminded of an elementary school note, written hurriedly and passed in secret.


There’s something subversive about going without capital letters. A feeling that I’m part of an underground movement. We have our language and rules, signs and codes.

I run into an internal conflict, however, when I’m writing someone a message, or making a post on Facebook, using only lower-case letters and the time comes to end the sentence. i want to close it with an exclamation point!

But as we all know, to get that exclamation point, we MUST use the shift key.

Hypocrisy? Perhaps.

or maybe i’m enjoying playing a game with rules i have a part in creating (!)


: )

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  1. Gene-o said,

    March 13, 2009 at 11:16 am

    A particularly fun column today. Thanks for the laugh!