Taking Stock of Satellite

Posted in Computers & Technology, Events, Press at 8:24 am by Marion

So these days so much focuses on finances and the stock market, that it’s not surprising our most recent update on Sirius-XM satellite radio focuses on the market’s response to last week’s deal with Liberty Media.

In today’s SiriusBuzz, our faithful blogger Brandon Matthews takes on mainstream media for its eagerness to write the obituary for satellite. In fact, he tells us, if investors and stock holders are willing to hold on, they may be surprised at the recovery of their stock’s value.

As he tells us, Sirius-XM may become cash-flow positive next year. Now I have no idea what that means, but I think it’s good news.

Since I’m writing about technology (and it’s not even Thursday), why not mention the new iPhone app that will allow loyal listeners to stream their satellite over the Internet. Now that should silence all the naysayers who declare satellite will fall to the ‘Net.

So not true!

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