Global Dust-Up

Posted in Events, Life in general at 9:49 am by Marion

Almost like a frisson going through the large universal human soul, everything is crunching and reordering. Waves around the world today of happenings that stem from our country’s economic crisis; scandals, fears and business scale-backs.

Human beings seem to bounce back from horrible, terrible times — our World Wars, genocides, apartheid, slavery. It takes a long time for us to realize the sin of our behaviors, and usually we won’t stop until someone threatens us with hardship, imprisonment or death. Or, we see the horror of what we’ve done and someone helps us see a way out of darkness. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln.

Slavery sent this nation into Civil War; World War II stopped fascism.

In our world this morning, there is unbridled greed, which allowed the most powerful nation on earth to become a big fat Atlantic City gameroom.

Good, honest people were suckered in by adjustable rate mortgages, with pie-in-the-sky promises that they could flip their house and make a bundle before the rate jumped. Now, they’re sitting in … or losing … homes they owe more on than they’re worth.

Meanwhile, million-dollar salaries among CEOs created an upper tier of wealth and power, and removed moral constraints.

So we wait and watch for the dust to settle after this whirlwind of change, and wait for the light after the storm.

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