Everything Blooms

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Shutting the blinds to close out the day last night, I noticed something unexpected.


Our bougainvillea, a crawling bloomer that’s native to Florida, sits on a table by the eastern kitchen window. Each fall it comes in to join the peace lilies and philodendron, then struggles, day after day, to stay alive until May or June, when I take it outside again to flourish.

We’ve had this plant for nearly five years, I suppose. My husband chose it to hang on the new trellis we built several years ago, planning to hang it from the cross boards.

We liked it so much we brought it to the front yard, where it hangs each summer on a shepherd’s hook.

When it comes in each autumn, the first thing it does is shed its leaves to ease the stress of coming into a dry house environment. There it sits for weeks, bare, mere sticks, to all appearances dead.

Then slowly, as the weeks go by, I’ll see tiny sprouts on the stems, and soon, leaves push through.

Sometimes, there’s more, and yesterday, it happened: the bougainvillea was starting to bloom.

The sepals are pale red, not the deep crimson they’ll be in the summer, but there they are, nonetheless.

Bougainvillea blooms. Doing their best, despite the odds.

If you’ve ever spent time with plants, you can’t help becoming affected by them. Plants have such courage, resilience, and strength. They are so generous — sharing nectar with bees and birds; color and pollen with butterflies; food and joy for us human beings.

Whenever I see the color of a blossom, it’s almost jarring to see such gorgeous life expression.

I gaze and wonder, and remind myself that in this mysterious world of miracles, one thing is certain: Everything blooms.

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