Whither Satellite Radio?

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Monday Special Tech Edition

Not since my previous blog disappeared from the Yahoo server have I been in such a flutter about technology. (The blog returned after several panic-stricken days and you can find it here.)

For the past several days, talk has swirled about Sirius Satellite Radio’s financial problems. There are good guys — Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius XM who has nurtured the project — and bad guys — Charlie Ergen, CEO of EchoStar. He wants to scoop up our beloved satellite radio and use the satellites to widen his TV broadcasting abilities.

The nerve!

Anyone with satellite radio knows it’s invaluable. For me, it was like walking into heaven … and St. Peter said, Now that you’re here, we’ve got this awesome heavenly radio system that plays great music of all types with no commercials. (Of course there are heavenly devils like Howard Stern, but you have to admit, he’s clever, intelligent and well, funny.)

The news this morning is a mix. First, Howard Stern was not broadcasting his show live. Not sure if that was planned (it is, after all, a bank holiday and Mr. Stern has a sweet contract).

Then there is this fairly gloomy editorial on Philly.com that appeared today.

On the other hand, this article in the New York Post, the city where satellite mostly originates, sounds pretty hopeful … it’s the one I’m hoping is true.

Meanwhile, Sirius Buzz has several articles that are probably the surest for information.

So as this week of uncertainties opens, we are holding our breath that our dear, delicious, satellite radio will survive.

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