Infrastructure Time

Posted in Events, Tap dancing at 10:11 am by Marion

Just a few words today … everyone’s so busy it’s unlikely the world will stop if I don’t post … still this blog is my chance to reflect, if only for a few minutes, on a topic of value.

Listening to the president’s press conference last night was sobering, though I’m glad to hear that money is being released for infrastructure. It’s a good direction. We’ve spent so long investing our country’s attention, money and effort in paper pursuits — stocks, futures, vagueness — that we’ve neglected the real items of value. Our bridges, tunnels, roads. Parks and schools. Forests and recreation areas.

Around us, people are losing jobs, companies are failing and people are out of work. School budgets are being cut, universities are trimming and charging more tuition. Yet we are the greatest nation in the history of man. Surely we have the resources to turn ourselves around?

As a nation, it’s as if we’ve fallen into the same bad habits that can trap us as individuals: misguided spending, too much junk food and TV.

Speaking of which … no tap class last night, as my teacher was sick … our president’s press conference took place in the time slot for House M.D. … my tap dance class was canceled so I was looking forward to chilling with the good doctor … the episode will broadcast instead on Monday, Feb. 16 … while I’m in tap class … but that’s why we have iTunes.

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