Live Long and Prosper

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Today, a few words of farewell.

No I’m not going anywhere … but so many people, things and holidays are … let’s see … gone: Blagojevich in Illinois … gone: stock values … gone: Christmas holidays … gone … well you get the picture.


So in this season of ringing out the old and hopefully, ringing in the new, let’s think about saying, Bye, Bye.

Farewell is among our most obvious exclamations. It arose in Middle English and comes from the imperative form of “fare” plus the adverb “well.”

Bye comes from Good-bye, which expresses good wishes at the end of a conversation. It arises from the 16th-century contraction of “God be with you.” Apparently it was customary to extend God’s blessings more fully and so God became “good.” Thusly with “good morning.”

comes to us from the Japanese … when you really mean it, Sayonara, Baby!!

Mr. Spock’s trademark and very Zen salutation was Live Long and Prosper.

Among my favorites is the Russian dasvidanya … which does allow for meeting again … it means, Until the next time we see each other.

So with that, I will say, Dasvidanya from Fiction Dailyland until next week … and we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when ….

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