Snow Creme

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At the end of a snowy, cold day yesterday came the real dessert: Snow Creme.

A glistening bright fresh day arrived yesterday when I looked on the deck and saw a thin sheet of crystals. Small flakes fell and became quite dense as morning went on. At one point, they fell in waves, carried on winds and it seemed for a few hours we were in an exotic place like Siberia, straight out of Dostoyevsky.

We took the dogs for a long walk in the woods at the height of the storm, with little Dewey, our miniature beagle, jumping through the snow like a bunny; she sank in to her belly but leapt along with great joy. After some time, Geppeto, our other beagle, became overwhelmed by the cold and lagged sadly and it was time to hurry home.

In the afternoon, I completed some writing for a Web page, focusing at last after the remarkable morning — inauguration glamour and momentousness; snow and brilliance.

After dinner, I brought a big bowl of the freshest snow into the house … scooped it into smaller bowls and Greg and I began our snow creme experiment. We added sugar (or Splenda) and half-and-half, then began to stir … the snow turned into a miraculous gelato.

My mother made snow creme for us growing up out in the country, but I remember it failed somehow to live up to what I imagined it would be.

Last night, standing in the kitchen, stirring up a bowl, we fed more snow in, added more cream, more sugar, until we had it. I reevaluated with an adult’s eye: What was unimpressive for a child was magic for this adult.

How marvelous for simple ingredients to become such a substance! A gift from heaven! Snow creme!

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