Snow Day!

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Well, I planned a very dignified post today … in keeping with our national day of ceremonies … then the snow came early this morning and now everything outside is covered in a perfect morning blanket … so throwing caution to the wind, Fiction Daily takes a snow day!

Outside my front yard has become a bird festival, with juncos foraging beneath a thin snow layer for the sunflower seeds I tossed earlier; occasionally they’ll butt heads with cardinals eying the same seeds. Meanwhile, robins have come out of hiding to watch from the trees, hoping I imagine for some berries, bugs or nuts to appear.

The bluebirds are out there, too. Though they’re quite secretive in the winter, I hear them burbling to eat other, the plaintiff lonely call from parent to young one, probably last summer’s chicks.

Meanwhile, in Washington, crowds gather and news stations fall over themselves to cover this day. With a new fresh blanket of snow it seems anything is possible.

As promised, His Holiness the Dalai Lama with fittingly hopeful words from India:

New Delhi, 17 January 2009 (The Hindu): Emphasizing the need to inculcate the spirit of tolerance and compassion from childhood, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Saturday suggested such lessons would not only create a better world but also a human being at peace with oneself. Delivering the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial lecture on “Non-violence — A strategic tool,” the Dalai Lama said it was important to promote secular values. He said all Indians should take the lead in practicing and spreading the concept of non-violence and ahimsa.

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