Winter Running

Posted in Events, Life in general, Running at 9:41 am by Marion

We’re waiting for the arctic wave to arrive today … how nice to have winter in town … how important to reduce our carbon emissions … bike to work … turn down the heat … recycle … so we can have more winters.

I went out for a three-mile run yesterday in what was a cold rain. Instead of making me feel worse, I felt energized. Today I wake up, euphoric still from that run, with plans for another one this morning.

It’s so easy to let it go … especially in winter and when I’m busy … to simply say, well, not today, I’ve worked so hard I deserve to just sit here and have a snack … surf the Web … flip through a magazine.

And sitting at this desk I get antsy. The more I sit, the more I crave snacks … if I can get myself to run three miles … just out the door, down the street and back … everything is better, brighter, happier. I managed to eat right yesterday, somehow … and the combination — exercise, eat right — is cheap, simple and life-changing. Yet nearly impossible to maintain!

We can never know the tangle of impulses and urges that make us human. Sometimes, despite them, we manage to rise above.

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