Tapping out Progress (2)

Posted in Tap dancing, Writers at 11:21 am by Marion


It’s Tuesday, and time for a semi-weekly update after my Monday tap dancing class.

Now that I’ve had this unexpected breakthrough, I continue to make pretty amazing progress (read: I’m not physically coordinated in the dancing sense, rather stiff and wooden). Last night, after not having practiced all week, I figured I would have forgotten everything, but to my surprise, I was able to execute (rather clumsily, I might add) cross-over drawbacks … a snappy little step when done correctly … while only moderately teetering.

It was also a surprise to do double pullbacks across the studio floor … these are steps that seem to defy physics … slapping the floor with both feet while simultaneously jumping backward … somehow I’m still making a strong tap sound two out of three times … I even felt froggy enough to try a toe stand … which is just what it sounds like … a quick hop onto the toes of the feet and back to the floor.

Still more than a few times, though I was making sounds, I was falling forward, backward and sideways in a most un-Fred-Astaire-like way.

Of course I’ll never dance like Gregory Hines … but at least I’m dancin’ … sort of … there’s a lot more work to be done and I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to execute these rapid hop-shuffles.

Yet there’s a sense of quiet joy that comes from tapping your way across a studio floor that’s hard to describe … hard to attain … especially for a writer who spends most days looking inward … it’s an outward explosion of a similar kind … an avenue of expression that requires its own study and discipline.

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