Da Fam-ly Part II

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In today’s installment of the fairly self-indulgent series on my family, we come to the person closest to me in the world: My sister.

Long has she lived under my shadow.

Early on, I developed a reputation for being smart, etc. and no matter how she shone, it seems I was always in the way.

So she made her own path — and showed me up quite a bit before it was over with — as a very social, dare I say, popular figure in high school and college, where she attained the ranks of cheerleader and homecoming queen with startling regularity.

Yet somehow, a reputation for being “irresponsible” attached itself to her. It probably had more to do with my dysfunctional quality of being way too responsible … nevertheless, every time she failed to show up for some dreaded family event … or failed to call or send some kind of thank-you note, I would hear comments like, “Well, you know, she’s just irresponsible.”

Years later, she has confided in me that she knew she was going to let someone down … so she just decided it best to be honest from the start … and turn up late, or not at all.

The worst episode, I must admit, came when we moved out of the house our family lived in for four generations … stuff stuff stuff … it was everywhere … my sister was, well, sort of missing in action in those days … granted it was overwhelming, but it had to be done.

In the end, the new owners moved some of our remaining personal belongings into the cavernous attic. We were supposed to get them out as soon as we could, though there was no real rush, since we were on friendly terms.

Weeks passed. I finally went up to that attic, where my sister’s things were sitting there, untouched. I’ll never forget going through her beloved vinyl albums from junior high … AC/DC, KISS … and picking a few out, then releasing the rest for, well, the landfill I suppose.

These days, however, the tables have turned.

My sister is a Super Mom … from the minute she wakes, she’s running a tight ship. She follows a schedule to the letter … runs 3 miles a day … gets her child to school on time … cooks wonderfully healthy (and tasty) meals … runs the school benefit auction … bakes for her neighbors … gives presents to everyone … and walks her dog, too.

I, on the other hand, seem quite adolescent in comparison.

Last weekend, I chose to leave my grandmother’s home just as everyone went to bed … and drive home overnight. I left about midnight for the long trip back to Greenville.

You’d think I had robbed a bank the way everyone carried on!!

Marion, they said, you just can’t do that. You need to spend the night.

I made it home just fine, but there was a hint of disapproval from everyone in the family.

Even my sister.

“You know,” I can imagine her saying, “sometimes Marion can be just a bit irresponsible.”

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