Three Mile Challenge

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For the past three days, I’ve tried to run three miles each day. I fell short Monday and Tuesday, but now I’ve at least run several days in a row, no matter how I felt.

And so today I’m launching the Three Mile Challenge.

Other people manage to run every day … I read about them in Runner’s World, Trail Runner … even see them on Oprah. My sister manages to run most every day and she has a 4-year old!!

So I’m going to try. The goal is to run every day … if I swim at the pool, no run required … one day a week I’d like to do a 7-mile run, other days 3 miles.

We’ll see how it goes. Running 3 miles is not hard, physically. The mind, however, cowers in the corner, afraid … and throws up barriers … you’re too tired … it’s too late in the day … too cold … you’re too busy.

Sitting at this computer sucks away my energy and by 3 p.m. I just want to eat a chocolate pie and go to bed. (Writers and eating … that’s another post for another day!!)

The Three Mile Challenge is now on. Off to the races!!

Of course looking out my office window I see it’s gray … raining … probably cold … I have a feature article to finish today … plus writing and editing a Web site … the house is a wreck … clothes need to be washed …

Guess that’s why they call them challenges.

ARTICLE OF INTEREST: No matter what ideas and opinions have prevailed, or what’s considered “mainstream” thinking … or for what reasons … there’s no doubt that a time has come when we are required to take a good, honest look at the authentic and lasting same-sex relationships shared by our friends.

It’s time for human-kind to be brutally honest in its appraisal of marriage … especially for those who condemn it … and those who do so because of their readings of religious scriptures … and accept that those opinions are based on preconceptions and emotional knee-jerking.

Hats off to Newsweek for this examination of the Bible’s depiction of marriage.

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