Dalai Lama & Vaclav Havel

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This week, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is visiting Prague, at the invitation of former president, dissident and poet Vaclav Havel.


It’s hard to imagine a greater pair than these two, and they are both personal heroes.

My close encounter with His Holiness in Atlanta came when I left a seat on the gymnasium floor seconds before he walked by, giving out hugs. I imagine that in my next incarnation I’ll get one of those hugs.

My close encounter with Mr. Havel was more premeditated: At the Karlovy Vary film festival, a friend whose Czech was better than mine said, “He’s watching that film by one of his friends right now.”

My experience as a news reporter said, Go. I entered the screening room and started looking for guards. I saw two or three suited gents standing by a door … so I went to the other side of that door. And waited.

Sure enough, the film ended and Mr. Havel came out of the semi-hidden exit, and stood right beside me.

Imagine this: I was speechless.

He stood there with a suited gent or two, and smoked a cigarette. I hovered nearby. I didn’t introduce myself or anything. How do you say: I’m not worthy!!

For the 3,000 or so folks who heard him speak at the Sparta Stadium, I can attest it will be moving.

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