Special Tibet Update 4

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Tuesday, Nov. 25: Special Update from Tibet

Chinese police appeared in force in a Tibetan village, determined to show China’s intentions to control the country on the heels of a week-long conference of Tibetan exiles in northern Inida.

This story comes from the Associated Press, by Harles Hutzler, AP writer —

XIAHE, China – Chinese paramilitary police with riot shields and batons abruptly took up posts Monday on the main street of this Tibetan town, disrupting the bustle of Buddhist pilgrims in a reminder of China’s determined control of the region.

With some Tibetans pushing harder against Chinese rule, the communist government is determined to pacify the area.

The show of force Monday was meant to deter unrest while a local court sentenced a group of Tibetans for taking part in large anti-government protests in March in Xiahe, a small town abutting a sprawling complex of golden-roofed temples. MORE

Read the story here

UPDATE: Read another AP account here, with map of the area

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