Tibet Update 3

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On Sunday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama repeated what he calls the Middle Path for Tibet, that is, resisting the call for independence but pressing for autonomy.

This Middle Path, he says, is the only way for now, but he warns that the next 20 years could be a time of great danger if Tibetans make the wrong decisions.

He also said yesterday that he had no plans to retire. That is great news for the world. He is 73 years old, and says, “It is my moral responsibility till my death to work for the Tibetan cause.”

It reminded me of the words I heard from him, spoken with fierceness, that he would work for others “until my death.”

Since 1950, the Chinese have brutally subjugated Tibet and now are infiltrating the land of snows with junk culture — similar to the way we have infected the world with fast-food restaurants and franchises. China has brought the globe its own oppressive “first-world”-type hegemony, which combines totalitarianism with capital and wealth. As the world becomes richer, it becomes much more dangerous and potentially bad. Let’s face it: Evil with money is genocide.

You get similar results whenever you combine ignorance, spiritual and intellectual, with riches. Among those Gandhi noted in his Seven Blunders of the World that Lead to Violence: Wealth without Work, Commerce without Morality and Politics without Principle.

To read more about His Holiness, visit www.dalailama.com and click on “news.”

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