Survivor: Vista

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So I’m feeling all proud of myself for buying a new computer with Vista last summer — people, the 64-bit version!! — and Microsoft up and rolls out a new version of Windows.

Well, I’m not going anywhere.

I spent several days researching new laptops and this one has 4 GB RAM — that’s what Vista calls a decent meal. I’m fond of the Aero design … that gives me translucent borders around my panels as I work. I love the ability to have 20 windows open at a time … while I listen to iTunes … and play Majong …

Much has been made of the security warnings. Well, darn it, I like the feeling that my computer is reaching out for help. When you work by yourself all day long the way many of us writers do, it’s nice to have someone to talk with. I feel needed by my computer. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I also like being able to flip through my active window panels. OK, so I rarely have time to fiddle with it, but it’s a great way to sift through files when I think of taking advantage of it.

Did I mention sidebar? Yep, love having a clock and CPU meter.

With tongue firmly in cheek, this non-geek’s t-shirt says, VISTA PRIDE.


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