Bots Behaving Badly

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Tech Thursday

My site and this blog are under assault by a Net ‘bot (short for Internet Robot) that is hitting constantly. In Net parlance, that’s a Bot Behaving Badly.

It started when I noticed my site hits increased by about 100 one day. Wow, I thought. I’m really popular!

Not so fast. When I checked the referring pages, I saw what was happening. A Web host was sending out scores of hits on my site, generated by a program. A Net ‘bot.

The IP addresses in question range from to The company is Attributor Corporation. Other bloggers have complained about this problem. Some of those bloggers with their own host servers have been able to block this IP from their site all together.

Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with my Web host, Yahoo, which denies me access to the files that would allow me to block these IP addresses.

I’m a bit fired up. I continue to complain to my Web host (Yahoo) about these hundreds of unwelcome ‘bot hits. I am also sending my pleas out into the larger blogsphere with this post.

The site of a simple writer and blogger such as myself should be free from the corporate hegemony that has taken over so much of human enterprise and expression. Having hundreds of automated hits on this site is an unwelcome infringement.

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  1. susy said,

    September 25, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    amen! i need to learn how to block ip addresses from go daddy hosting. =(

  2. Marion said,

    September 25, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Susy … Thanks for your thoughts … These big corporations love to walk over over the little people, so to speak … thank heavens for those brilliant renegade code writers who are always finding ways to topple the giants through open source and other means. I’m sure there will be a way for those of us with shared Web hosts to block ip addresses soon … and watch out!! Marion