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TECH THURSDAY: Technology from a writer’s perspective.

Yesterday marked the arrival of a new set of iPods from Apple. OK, I admit it … I am an iPod junkie. So far, I have had three of them, and I don’t see any chance I’ll ever give it up.

My new iPod is now officially out of date, but that’s how it goes with iPods. It is a 3rd gen. version, which I purchased last month after returning my old 2nd gen. nano — if you’re not familiar with them, the 2nd gen. nano was the tall thin one. The 3rd gen. is a squat, square player that fits in your palm. The 2nd gen. (my second iPod) wouldn’t hold a charge. (My first iPod was also a 2nd gen., but only 2 GB. I gave it to my sister and she loves it.)

The big improvement with the 3rd gen. was video capability. It will play music videos, even TV and movies. Mine is 8 GB.

Yesterday, Apple released a new generation of iPods. The new nano goes back to the tall thin shape, with a larger video screen. Oh well. Get your cases while they last!! Once the iPod changes shape, everything else changes, too. Still I think I’ll keep this little player as long as it lasts. The battery is holding it charge and there are some nice features, like cover flow, that are fun. Cover flow presents your album covers in floating designs … or you can flip through them, as in the old days when you flipped through albums.

I wonder sometimes about the thinking at Apple, and guess that’s where this company — like Google — gets its strength. Change and rule breaking are like the Biblical Samson’s long hair for these companies. And while it is sometimes unnerving to have constant change, it’s the very seed of greatness for these guys.

Like the rest of the world, I’ll just go along with the changes at Apple. The iPod has given me my entire music library at all times — in the car, out of town, on my long runs. I spend more time than ever with Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Yo Yo Ma and Joshua Bell. That’s thanks to this music player. Rail if you will about the decadence of consumerism, and the arrogance of Apple (those Mac and PC guy commercials are a prime example, but aren’t they funny?)

In our imperfect world, it’s good to know there are a few good Apples out there.

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