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The best times always have a soundtrack … 1982 it was Joe Jackson, the Clash, XTC, Talking Heads, the Police, all the New Wave bands that gave every moment heightened meaning.

These days, there’s no club-hopping, but I manage to have fun every once in a while … usually when I’m running. I’m slow, but generally cover 15 or more miles a week.

Music can get me through the first half-mile when I want to turn back, or take me through miles five and six when I’m dragging.

Here are some good running songs.

Mr. Blue Sky (ELO) — If this song doesn’t make you happy, then you’re not breathing.

Beautiful Stranger (Madonna) — The pace is perfect for mid-run. Another sunny song that gets my legs moving.

Nearly Africa, English Roundabout, Snowman (XTC) — XTC is rooted in ’80s New Wave sounds, but they’re so much more. Complex polyrhythms, percussion and melody distinguish these songs. Anything from 1982’s English Settlement and I pick up the pace.

Hours (David Bowie) — This eerie song played over the credits of the film “Memento.” Strange film, strange song, but the chameleon gives it the drama of an opera aria.

Focus on Sight (Thievery Corporation) — Also from “Memento.” Hopping, mysterious, with echos of India.

She’s Electric, Champagne Supernova (Oasis) — Just happy. I am still stuck on these guys, and their Wonderwall ways.

Man out of Time (Elvis Costello) — How can you not include such a great song? It’s an epic story of a fallen relationship, and you can dance to it.

Tears Dry on Their Own (Amy Winehouse) — This young singer’s album Back to Black is unmatched. Enjoy her talents while she’s still with us.

Every Picture Tells a Story (Rod Stewart) — Complex narrative of a young man’s heyday trying to find himself.

Milk & Honey (Beck) — I have an entire playlist of Beck songs, but this one is, well, the cream of the crop.

TOMORROW: A star-gazer’s list of space-age songs

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