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Working it

Writing takes some kind of focus and very little disrupts the fragile flow of thought. When I’m trying to put together an article, that’s all I do for days, all I think about, eat, drink and sleep. Sitting at a desk is about all the sensation I can bear, and adding noise, conversation or any minor commotion at all derails the whole process.

Introducing music, then, is a tricky element.

Some music, however, is a potion for deep thinking. Today’s playlist features some of my favorite writing music.

Joshua Bell

Generally anything played by Mr. Bell is going to be welcome any time, for any activity. If you know this violinist, then I need not say anything else about him. He brings life to any melody, no matter how many times you’ve heard it, and for the great classical works, he brings passion and the breath of life.

O, mio babinno caro (Oh, my dear Papa) — From a Puccini opera. Nearly moves me to tears! Even though it’s one of the most overplayed arias you’ll ever hear, in his hands, it is an entirely new piece. One of my all-time greatest hits.

Elegie: O doux printemps d’autrefois (Massenet) —
Another melody you think you’ve heard before, but no, maybe not, certainly not like this.

Don’t think it’s all serious. The guy can rock with the best of them, or let’s say pick …

Death by Triple Fiddle — Joshua Bell, Sam Bush and Mike Marshall in a fiddle throwdown. Even the devil wouldn’t mess with these guys.

West Side Story Suite
— These songs stand among the best melodies of the 20th century (even if the characterizations in West Side Story seems racist now). In Joshua Bell’s hands these songs gain even more drama and depth. than in their original versions.

Other favorites are Bell’s Romance of the Violin and Voice of the Violin.

It’s not all classical music chez this writer.

Two of my favorites for writing these days are Boards of Canada‘s Music has the Right to Children and David Byrne and Brian Eno‘s new release, Everything that Happens will Happen Today. You can download it right from their Web site.

TOMORROW: More songs about running and washing dishes

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