Summer, good-bye

Posted in Life in general, On writing at 8:58 am by Marion

The first school bus drove past our house this morning and with it, summer draws to an end. The days have been cooler and over head, a certain crystal sunlight that only comes in autumn.

With it, a cerulean color that comes this season. It’s time for football, blankets, cool mornings and leaves falling.

It’s been a fast summer, but then again, as a writer summers usually mean more work, as everyone tries to catch up from the year. In this deeply agricultural place, where many of us grew up working on a farm, living on a farm, or around a farm … or our parents or grandparents did … we follow the same traditional cycles: Summer is for working. Fall for canning. Winter is for learning and reading. Spring for getting ready.

As we pick the last of the strawberries and peaches, I remember the days at my Grandparents’ house, churning ice cream in the back yard while the “women” cut fruit for freezing, vegetables for canning. The big mason stove in the back yard burned all day long with the large pot on top, as they boiled vegetables for canning.

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