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After only two days’ looking at computers, I’m trapped in the secret world of bits, gigs, ram, drivers, operating systems … warranties and stocking fees. Way too much information.

Concepts that didn’t even exist before now loom enormously large in my life as I narrow down my choices for a new laptop computer. Until yesterday, I didn’t even know such a thing as 64-bit Vista even existed. Then, I learn the news: the computer model I’ve so carefully chosen has that operating system.

I use nothing on a computer, really … a simple word processing program … iTunes is critical … some kind of streaming applet for radio and, well, television programs … solitaire — preferably spider and klondike, with minesweeper for those really intricate feature stories that require me to unload my mind every 15 minutes.

So now I’m deeply ensnared in computer world trying to make up my mind. I’ve selected a laptop, but just as I’m about to close the deal, the sales assistant says, By the way, this is 64-bit Vista … only minutes after recommending that I stay away from that version of the program.

You see, he says, there may be compatibility issues with some software.

Like what? I ask. Like we don’t really know yet.

I’m an “open source” gal. My browser is Firefox and yesterday, I downloaded Thunderbird which I’m going use for e-mail. It’s awesome!! And nothing makes me happier than to see that creative thunderbird circle graphic, like the Firefox logo, reminding me that I’ve escaped the crushing arm of Microsoft.

I plan to use Open Office for my word processing and spreadsheet programs … but who knows if it will work with the troublesome “64-bit Vista.”

The good thing is that I’ll have more USB ports on whatever model I buy … can’t have enough of those these days.

So one way or the other, tonight after work I’ll go to see the nice people at the blue-and-yellow electronics store and place my life in their hands long enough to purchase a laptop. What’s a writer to do?

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  1. Thomas Brock said,

    July 31, 2008 at 9:31 am


    Chances are you’d not have any compatibility issues (software-wise) with Vista 64-bit. Firefox, iTunes and OpenOffice are all compatible.

    Mostly those issues would be hardware related and are often fixed by a download from the component manufacturer. But, since you’re looking at notebook PCs, there should be no hardware issues.

    Microsoft is expecting 50% of the Windows PCs to be sold with Vista 64 by the end of this year and they’re working hard to eliminate issues early (for once…).