Losing sleep

Posted in Life in general, On writing, Writers at 8:04 am by Marion

I knew I’d be wrapping up a complex article this week, and lay in bed last night for some time, unable to sleep.

I worried about leaving out an important section or source; I worried I hadn’t introduced the concepts fully in the first few paragraphs. I worried I wouldn’t have the guts to snake through the article, tediously wending thought by thought, sentence by sentence.

More worries keep me up at night. How many projects do I need to keep afloat through the end of the year? What will I do when my savings are gone … in my business you stick every possible check into savings and then parcel it out month by month. You hope it’s not a fatal a hemorrhage.

This summer I’ve watched my savings do a slow-fall. I’ve had several some important features that haven’t had big checks. Sometimes you do it because you really like the client; other times, you know that a good story, well done, can open new doors, even if the payoff is modest. Those are the terms of writing.

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