Sinister Solitude

Posted in Kerouac, Writers at 7:45 am by Marion

Read a few more pages of Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur yesterday … My evenings have been consumed (guilty as charged) watching DVDs of “Six Feet Under.” Not as good as “Dexter,” but still riveting. I’m disturbed by some product placement in the show, but it’s a cheap thrill, so why complain.

Once Kerouac gets to the cabin offered for a restful stay by his friend Monsanto (Lawrence Ferlinghetti), he has a fitful night’s sleep and wakes at 3 a.m. The creek sounds — at first so soothing — have become “the babble and rave of evil angels in my head.”

He picks up the copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde left behind, perhaps for him or maybe it’s just a staple for any of Ferlinghetti’s guests.

He finishes the book at dawn, and goes to the creek again to prepare breakfast, and it seems a brighter day at last. Maybe things are looking up, as he writes about making his first meal, washing the dishes and napping to “the rapturous ring of silence.”

Before the next day, he will have more problems with his sleeping bag and begin to develop the “nostalgia for cities.”

So busy today I wonder when I’ll have a chance to read, but it’s sitting on my desk for any spare moment.

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