Finish Lines

Posted in Life in general, On writing, Running, Tap dancing at 7:16 am by Marion

It’s 65 degrees this morning so before the temperature rises much more, I am heading out the door to run.

It’s nearly impossible to write all day if you don’t go full out at some point, either swimming, running or floundering around in tap dancing class.

Still working on two pieces that are after weeks of work, taking shape: an article about the Spanish in early 16th-century southern U.S. and a short story I’ve been calling “Poison.”

Last night I lay in bed for two hours, unable to sleep (Sunshine Madness), and in my mind, ran through the article and raced to the end of the short story.

I realized I had no way to end the short story!

So lacing up my running shoes, out the door and back, to figure out where to take the Spanish, and where to take Poison.

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