Un-tapped pt. 2

Posted in Life in general, On writing, Tap dancing, Writers at 9:56 am by Marion

Another tap dance class on Monday and I floundered, as usual. My teacher, who’s in her early 20s, has lots of enthusiasm, but can’t possibly understand how out of place I’m feeling.

We’ve done “combinations,” that is, steps put together in short sequences, but I can never master one before we’re doing another. Every tap class I’ve had works this way … a lot of steps sort of thrown at you and then something new. That’s foreign to how I learn: I have to focus and repeat each step many times until I master it … at least until I get the basics.

Meanwhile, she showed us a combination done to a sort of rock-abilly song and after going through the steps a few times, she played the music. I stood there as she and the other student went through it and knew it was impossible. If I’d been 9 years old I would have cried!! As it was, I felt quite embarrassed.

So, today I’m going to practice a few steps with the veneer board I have in between working on a short story. I am determined this time to learn to tap dance, no matter how much humiliation I go through!!!!

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