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Trying to sleep last night after watching two episodes of “Dexter” — … a new guilty pleasure … I came up with an idea for a new short story.

It would be set in middle school or junior high school and try to capture those unsteady times, not understanding the world around you, yet being fully part of it, responsible for making decisions, people watching what you do, a changing relationship with parents.

The idea came when I started thinking about how feelings come from such a deep place for young people say 9 to 15 and even up to age 25 … they are heady days, intense and uncertain.

So the story right now would be titled something like “Saved by Rod Stewart,” in honor of the beloved pop star as he was in the 1970s … and still is, today, though the appeal is different.

Still working on “Poison” with the help of a good friend and writing partner who is reading my newest draft.

TOMORROW: Figuratively Speaking

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