Overstayed our welcome?

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I am more concerned than ever about our planet … flooding in the Midwest, earthquakes in China, cyclone in Burma.

Here in eastern North Carolina, our landscape is becoming oddly desert-like.

The change began last year, when our front yard, usually springy with healthy centipede grass, failed to grow. My husband mowed it only once or twice. Bare spots appeared.

This year, the lawn simply never came back from its winter brown. Sure, we have some green clumps, but mostly the yard is barren, with chickweed and wire grass.

My daylilies bloomed two or three weeks early this year. The bluebirds’ nesting and egg-laying habits have been irregular.

Meanwhile, we had a week of 100-degree days earlier this month, while a wildfire still burns in the peat bogs of Hyde County.

The Chinese are building a dam (Three Gorges) and the water in the resulting lake could weigh so much that it would affect the earth’s very rotation angle.

The thought is chilling … as it would mean the end of us. The weight of the water could alter the rotation by a half-degree … causing environmental calamities, weather upheavals and effects we don’t know about.

My husband once speculated that maybe human beings were a virus … and someone would come and spray us.

I love mankind and feel overjoyed and honored to be part of humanity … but without a question, we have become burdensome for the planet.

I’m not sure what to do about it … I avoid plastic foam take-out trays and cups; I no longer use disposable plastic water bottles; nor do I purchase aluminum foil or aluminum drink cans. Aluminum mining is one of the most harmful acts done to our planet.

I feed the birds, rescue turtles and help earthworms across the pavement. Is it enough? Can any of us make a difference? I believe only mandatory guidelines by world leaders will save us, but I wonder if we have the courage to demand them.

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