Props to PETA

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Now I’m an animal lover and generally a vegetarian … not too much of a radical, armchair version for me, please.

But I have to respect the good folks at PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Year after year, they continue antics both respectable and, well, not … to bring our attention to the true costs of wearing fur, eating meat and treating living, breathing creatures worse than lawn mowers. Now they’ve prepared a Super Bowl ad that uses attractive women and a bit of overt sexuality to promote eating vegetables.


Whether you like their attitude or not, it’s important to give them props for keeping these issues, well, in our face. Would we listen otherwise? It would be far too easy to ignore them. Face it, people, we human beings must be uncomfortable or in pain before we will change. (Bad marriage? Bad spouse or partner? Bad roommate? We won’t change unless they threaten us with scissors, usually.)

We are far too comfortable, aren’t we? in our daily routines, we’d rather think our meat comes from the same bloodless factory as our Lance crackers and pretzels.

The ugly truth is that our meat comes at an inexcusable cost. To the planet, which requires tons more energy to give us meat than if we chose a more plant-based diet.

The Nature Conservancy has this startling observation

The international meat industry generates 18% of the overall global greenhouse-gas emissions (measured in CO2 equivalent) — even more than all trains, planes, automobiles and boats combined (13.5%).

Folks, that’s serious.

Not only does it trash the planet, but have you seen the faces of our cows as they’re led to slaughter? Think about how scared our dogs and cats become when we taken them on a car ride to the vet. They know when something’s happening.

So imagine the fear in the minds of our cows, pigs and chickens as they hear the screams of their pals and family, and know they’re headed the same way.

Now I must admit I eat meat once every few weeks or months … because I believe human beings actually need some flesh protein to be fully healthy … just my opinion.

Yet I try to eat meat from organic, humane sources … sure it’s more expensive, but can you put a price on humanity? Free-range chickens, humanely slaughtered cows. Not always possible, but it is, at least, a goal.

I certainly can’t join the ranks of the self-righteous ones (who are also probably very thin and attractive with perfect noses) who decry and criticize all meat eating.

But I can say, people, let’s remember our humanity here, and demand less money-grabbing from the meat industry … less injury to our furred and feathered partners in this journey.

And PETA, though I might disagree with your tactics, thank you for making us all a little bit more uncomfortable.

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  1. Gene-o said,

    January 29, 2009 at 9:25 am

    There’s something intriguing about the phrase “humanely slaughtered.” Maybe there’s a novel title in there: “The Humane Slaughter.” Anybody want to work on that?

  2. Marion said,

    January 29, 2009 at 9:56 am

    I already have a brief, 60,000-word title page.